REVIEW: Luca Brasi – Like A Thread



Tasmanian four-piece punk band Luca Brasi put their hands up as contenders for the title of ‘kings of the Aussie alt-scene’ with this effort. The release of their 2011 debut ‘Extended Family’ saw Luca Brasi burst onto the scene with infectious tunes and fresh Australian punk-rock, winning them support slots for pop-punk veterans Bodyjar and Title Fight. Since then, Luca Brasi have developed a more dynamic sound, delving into elements of melodic rock but retaining that raw, noisy punk feel fans have come to know and love. The first track here, K.D.R, gives us our first taste of this more mature sound and builds from a stripped-back introduction. This variation continues through the progression of the album, encouraging you to continue listening. The instrumental outro of ‘Two Snakes’ closes the album in true Luca Brasi style and highlights how good these guys really are.

Published in mX Melbourne in March, 2014.