REVIEW: Pandamic – Heck!


When three long-haired blokes from Rockhampton start jamming punk riffs, you know it’s going to be all about laidback guitar melodies and in-your-face vocals; which is what Pandamic are all about.

The band’s new single ‘Heck!’ is so raw and full of angst, to say it is relatable in today’s dating culture would be an understatement.

‘Heck!’ feels like a continuous cycle of frustration. Like you’re in a dead-end relationship and you’re getting nowhere, but you have to deal with the lack of communication. “You never listen so I scream it out” rings through your ears.

With gang vocals to reiterate this, and punchy guitars to drive it, Pandamic have an edge that can’t be mistaken.

The build up of the song might grip you at first, but by the end of it you could find yourself yelling along to the lyrics.

‘Heck!’ is a tighter release for Pandamic and shows just how far they have come in a short period of time. Although still hanging onto the summer, surfer vibes, Heck! is less pop-punk and more garage, punk rock than the band’s 2015 Scumbag EP.

Is this a good indication of what’s to come for Pandamic? You’ll have to wait until their new EP drops in mid-2016 to find out.

Listen to Pandamic – Heck! here.


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