REVIEW: Spectral Fires – Turn Toward the Sun


Oh boy, where do we start? Spectral Fires know what we want, and they do it really bloody well.
The Melbourne five-piece have come a long way since inception, and have proven, once again, that they’re unafraid of challenging punk/ melodic hardcore as we know it.

Spectral Fires have definitely refined their sound with ‘Turn Toward the Sun’, but they still maintain the same raw energy and emotion we heard with previous EP ‘Wayfarer’. Jack’s unique vocals are stronger than ever, and you can hear the angst and frustration in his delivery. Pair this with heavy, melodic riffs, and gang vocals as an extra element, and you’ve got yourself a release that cuts through.

High energy flows throughout ‘Turn Toward the Sun’, with each song generating a completely different, although familiar, vibe. Nostalgia and frustration seem to be common themes in this EP, like track two, ‘Just a Mirage’, featuring lyrics “We’re longing for the old days” (can already hear the audience chanting this one back). A different transition into ‘Starting Over’ helps create contrast to the previous track, but then leads in well to track four, ‘Transparency’. Starting off a bit more laid back compared to previous songs, ‘Transparency’ picks up the pace to continue that high energy and angst. Featuring some of the strongest lyrics in the EP, “Your blank face betrays your grave mistakes”, ‘Transparency’ brings all the songs together and closes the EP perfectly.

Safe to say this one’s going to be on repeat for a while.

Image Source: Facebook


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