Aussie Artists to Keep An Eye On In 2019

aussie artists 2019

January is great because you get to reflect on all the fab new music you enjoyed in the last twelve months, while also getting amped up for all fab new music to come in the next twelve months. I mean, way to state the obvious, but seriously, we’re so excited to discover our new favourite local artists this year, and we hope you can join us for the ride.

We’ve done some thinking and have compiled the following list of Aussies artists we reckon’ might blow up in 2019.

1) G Flip

G Flip has already started to become a familiar name in the local music scene, with her impressive skills in, not only, singing and songwriting, but drumming too! Performing at Laneway and Groovin’ The Moo this year, there are big things to come for this Melbourne gal.

2) Drown This City

Melbourne band Drown This City continue to shake things up in the Australian post-hardcore scene. After performing at Unify and touring with In Hearts Wake earlier this month, Drown This City are winning fans right across the country.

3) Yours Truly

Sydney’s Yours Truly gained international attention after releasing their break-out single ‘High Hopes’ last year. The band have signed on with UNFD and are gearing up to release their forthcoming EP ‘Afterglow’, as well as performing at Download Festival in the UK!

4) Toyotomi

Perth Hip Hop artist Toyotomi had a big 2018, releasing songs ‘Rust’, ‘Orbit’ and ‘Wasted’ (which received airplay on both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed). If that’s anything to go by, we can hope 2019 is even bigger!

5) Austen

Brisbane’s Electronic-Indie-Pop Queen Austen captured our hearts with her soft vocals, catchy melodies and Chvrches vibes! Her track ‘Too High To Cry’ garnered a lot of attention in 2018, and we can’t wait to see what she comes out with in the months to come!

6) Spectral Fires

Spectral Fires have been smack-bang in the middle of the Melbourne punk/ hardcore scene for a few years now, but they continue to impress us over and over again. Spectral Fires released their new EP ‘Turn Toward The Sun’ earlier this month, and it’s definitely set them up for the year to come.

7) Slowly Slowly

Making it into Triple J’s Hottest 200 with their breakout single ‘Ten Leaf Clover’, and after releasing a stunning full-length album, St. Leonards, early last year, Slowly Slowly have some damn good talent, and Australia is getting excited to see where this takes them in 2019.


Mollymook/ Sydney sisters Lily and Grace are from one of those families who are just too talented… You know the ones. We got our first taste of this project early on in 2018 with their track ‘Museum’; hopefully we can hear much more from the duo this year!


Image Source: Facebook


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