New Music: January

1) Yours Truly – Circles

Recently signed to UNFD, there are big things on the way for this Sydney band belting out catchy lyrics and pop punk melodies

2) G Flip – Bring Me Home

How do you film an emotional video clip for an emotional song? You drum for six hours straight with no break, like G Flip did. Wow.

3) Dream on Dreamer – Love

Dream on Dreamer are heading in a new direction with this newy, and we’re loving it.

4) Arbes – Strange Power

After a three-year-hiatus, Arbes are back with this great dream-pop ditty.

5) Huntly – Low Grade Buzz

The title track to Huntly’s upcoming debut album – we cannot wait for this!

6) Skinnyfish Soundsystem, B2M + Birdz + Tasman Keith – Smoking Ceremony

Three diverse acts have come together for this powerful track to encourage discussion over January 26th and a push for a national Smoking Ceremony.


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